English Syllabus

This course is designed to develop in each student skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing that are fundamental to good communication, to develop an appreciation and understanding of good literature of all types and to motivate students to read widely for information and recreation.

oh, and to have fun!!!

Progress will be assessed through testing, writing and class participation.
There’s no place like home!.. There’s no place like home!..

7 grades down, 5 to go...

College ruled spiral notebook

# 2 Lead Mechanical pencils

pens (blue or black only!)


crayons or colored pencils

3 ring binder

8 tab page dividers (with pockets recommended)

ream of copy paper

paperback dictionary


Extra Credit
various extra credit opportunities will be offered throughout the year, so stay tuned!
Mr. Holder Contact Info
Email: alholder@adams14.org
Phone #:  303-653-3700  (cell)      
                303-289-5881  (school)
Planning Period: 4th Period


Always have respect for yourself and others.  Especially the teachers!


Do your homework.  Go to bed early.  Brush your teeth.


Come to class ready to learn every day. 


Don’t just sit there like a sloth.  Use your head and participate!


Because true learning only happens when you work for it.


The learning happens in the struggle.  So, get ready to struggle!


Classwork    80%

Tests        + 20%


               = 100%

Late work 
will be accepted one day late for 30% off.


  1. 1.Verbal Warning

  2. 2.Parental notification

  3. 3.detention/parental notification

  4. 4.office referral/parental notification

  5. 5.drawn & quartered/funeral notification


  1. 1.Do bellwork first thing when entering classroom.

2. Raise your hand to ask a question.

3.  Always pick up after yourself.

No Passes!