For Students


Tips for Students!

(or, How to be successful in Mr. Holder’s classroom and at Jarman Middle School!)

Come to school each day ready to learn!  This means have paper and pencil, your books, your completed homework and be dressed appropriately.
Eat breakfast!  
Know the rules and procedures of the school and of your teachers’ classrooms.  Follow them!
If you get in trouble, always, always, always, remember to be respectful and polite.  Adults admire this, and it will often times save you!
Be responsible and take responsibility for your own actions, even when they aren’t good actions.  
How do you spell that?  Use a D-I-C-T-I-O-N-A-R-Y!
Go to bed each night at a responsible hour.  This will help your brain work better the next day, help you be a better student, and keep you out of trouble when you aren’t falling asleep in class!  (By the way kids, this usually means going to bed around 9:00 p.m.!!!)
Most importantly, be honest, kind, patient and treat others they way you would want to be treated.  It is the key not only to being a successful student, but also to being a successful human being!

Homework Schedule:

Monday:     Math & Science

Tuesday:     Math & Social Studies & Language Arts

Wednesday:   Math & Science & Language Arts

Thursday:    Math & Social Studies

Friday:      No Homework!  YAY!!!
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