For Parents

A picture worth a thousand words.

If you ever have any questions or concerns over your son or daughter’s education, progress or behavior you may contact me at one of the following:



303-653-3700  (cell)

303-289-5881   (work)

Check your child’s grades:

School website:


Tips for how to help your child be a more successful student:

  1. BulletParticipate in your child’s education as much as possible. Ask your child about school every day.  Ask them what they learned and enquire as to whether or not they have homework.

  2. BulletHelp your child with his or her homework each night.  Make sure they are being responsible and completing their homework early in the evening.  Check over their homework when they are done and try to make sure your young student puts their school work first.

  3. BulletRead!  When your child sees you reading it models good habits and attitudes.

  4. BulletStay in contact with your child’s teachers as much as possible.  Remember that good communication takes two.

  5. BulletMost importantly, remember that you are a part of your child’s education!  Being involved as much as possible is good for you, good for them, good for us and, ultimately, is key to the success of our kids.

Tips for Parents: