More about me...

I love to teach and I love my kids.  I hope that they all work as hard as they can every day to be the best people and the best students that they can be.  I also love adventure and I love to travel.  I believe traveling makes me a better teacher and a more well informed, well rounded person.  I love to read and I’m horrible at math.  I’m very interested in astronomy and love to go stargazing.  I like to go backpacking and scuba diving or do anything adventurous and “outdoorsy,” and one day I hope to learn to play the violin and to sail around the world.


About Me

Name: Andrew Holder

Age: Wouldn’t you like to know!

Birthday: September 28th

College: University of Oklahoma   

Major: BA in English & History

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Book: I’m not sure.  There are too many great books out there, I guess, to have a favorite.

Favorite Movie: Meet Joe Black

Favorite Band:  Dave Matthews Band

Favorite Food: Thai (but I’m not picky)

Favorite Quote: “There are times when children need worlds of which their parents are, at best, dimly aware.” - J.M. Baree

“Do not be afraid.” - Pope John Paul II

The place I want to visit most:  Tibet or Africa